When in Mexico: Tips for Your Spring Camping Trip

We’ve entered the age where camping is a thing. As destinations begin to open up after lockdown, you now have a chance to reconnect with your natural surroundings. Camping can be both a challenge and a great time, but there are plenty of ways to make camping less stressful.

Spring break camping doesn’t have to break your budget. Hack your spring camping trips with these ingenious tips.

1. Get the Right Tent

Choosing the right camping tent is a huge decision and investment. Some of the main features you should look out for include:

  • Size (sometimes called ‘berth’)
  • Features
  • Materials

One of the essential features that your tent needs to have is lots of space for you to spread out and store all your gear. A four-person tent or larger is usually best for two people. Consider upsizing your tent capacity by one person, especially if you are going on a family adventure with the kids.

You should also keep a lookout for what shape the floor is. That said, go for a three-season tent for versatility. It is also advisable to pick up a tent that’s easy to set up.

2. Choose a Good Campsite

The key to a weekend of comfort often depends on the site where you camp. Your campsite is your home base when camping. However, selecting a lousy campsite can lead to a miserable night in the dark.

It may be a good idea to get a camping spot that accommodates tent campers and RV campers. You don’t always get the option of camping on a fully leveled site, so you have to check your map for symbols that indicate leveled campsites.

Pitch up somewhere that’s close to freshwater. Make sure you pick a site that can fit your gear and hold a campfire – safely. If you’re camping away from established sites, select a location with good drainage and enough sunlight for visibility.

3. Bonfire

Building a bonfire can be lots of fun for the whole family. The secret is being prepared with the right supplies and keeping everyone safe around the campfire. When building a fire, always think about safety first.

First, check with the camping site manager to make sure fires are permitted. Then, dig a pit and place a ring of large stones along the edge. Next, add fire kindling such as newspapers or even wine corks into the pit.

Light the fire. Once the fire is going, blow at the bottom of the flames with a slow, steady breath and add larger pieces of wood to increase your fire’s size.

Always remember to keep a fire extinguisher and a sufficient supply of water at hand.

4. Bring Sufficient Clothing

Many people don’t appreciate the necessity of having proper and sufficient clothing. Bad clothing decisions can spell doom for any camping adventure. On the other hand, adequate camping attire protects you from the elements. You have to be sure that you’re packing the proper camping clothing.

Consider packing lightweight pajamas, underwear, and gym shorts. Good socks make a big difference, as long as they don’t make your footwear challenging to get on or off. You’ll also want some short sleeves and swim trunks. Finally, don’t ever forget your sunscreen and sunglasses.

5. Lighting

You need light to cook, clean, and get dressed. A campfire is an excellent source of light, but you need other lights to create a dreamy vibe for your outdoor space. Some of the factors you should consider when evaluating camping lights are function, size, and weight, ease of setting up power costs and effect on the environment.

Candles made of Citronella are always a camper’s favorite. There is also a vast assortment of camping lanterns, handheld flashlights or headlamps, glow sticks, and other lights with a push-button. These can be hung from a pole or placed on a table.

Campers are fond of battery operated LED Christmas lights. However, if you want a long-lasting camping light, purchase a lightweight generator. Plus, if the light is portable, you can use it to recharge your electronic devices.

Happy Spring Camping!

When it comes to camping, consider making reservations if you are going to a famous campsite. You’ll also want to double-check all of your camping gear. So if you can’t wait any longer to get out camping, use this spring camping checklist to spice up your next camping trip.