The Best Places to Visit in Mexico

There is more to this country than just beaches and resort towns! Mexico is home to ancient ruins, colonial towns, and vibrant cities that are worth exploring. If you’re looking for an interesting and diverse vacation destination, Mexico should be at the top of your list!

1. Mexico City

Mexico City is a bustling, vibrant metropolis full of culture and history. Stroll through the historic center for a glimpse into centuries past, or take in modern architecture around the city. There’s something for everyone here from street food to chic cafes to traditional markets.

2. Palenque

Located in the state of Chiapas, Palenque is an ancient city that dates back to the 7th century. Here you can explore ruins and admire the unique architecture, or take a walk through the nearby rainforest for stunning views.

3. Tulum

Tulum is a beach town on the Caribbean Sea in Quintana Roo. With it’s crystal blue waters and white sand beaches, this small town is the perfect spot to relax. Take a dip in the warm waters or explore nearby Mayan ruins.

4. Oaxaca

The city of Oaxaca is full of culture, with colorful markets and plenty of traditional foods to sample. Wander through ancient sites like Monte Alban, or take in the city’s colonial architecture.

5. Copper Canyon

Take a trip to the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range for some of Mexico’s most stunning views. Copper Canyon is a massive canyon that has been carved out by rushing rivers and offers breathtaking vistas. You can also explore nearby caves and unique rock formations.

No matter where you go in Mexico, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. With so many amazing places to explore, it can be difficult to decide which ones to visit first! But no matter where your travels take you, one thing is certain: Mexico will give you memories that will last a lifetime. So start planning your trip to Mexico today!