About Me

The Man Behind theBlog

The founder and owner of Fondalona.com. He is a traveler with a passion for adventure and exploration. He has traveled across Mexico several times, logging his experiences on this platform to share with the world.

One of the best restaurants he’s ever visited during his travels was Fonda, a small establishment that serves authentic traditional Mexican cuisines. He loved everything about the restaurant, including customer service, the quality of food served, and its general ambiance.

It was Fonda the restaurant that inspired the name for this travel blog aka personal diary.

At Fonda Lola, we share Mexican travel experiences and offer our readers various services. We review all kinds of travel necessities to help travelers prepare well for their trips. We also review top travel destinations in Mexico to get our audience excited about visiting Mexico.

Everything we share on this blog has been tried and tested to work. We only share what we’ve tried hands-on or places we’ve actually visited to ensure that you receive authentic and reliable information. Whether you’ve traveled to Mexico before or not, you’ll find Fonda Lola useful and reliable.