5 Unique Foods You Must Try On Your Visit to Mexico City

Mexico City is a magnificent place to visit. The country is generally known for its rich and diverse cultures, foods, and indigenous languages. Many foods that are now commonly available worldwide, such as avocados, chocolates, and pumpkins, originated from Mexico. Keto-friendly diets with good quality protein, which help people reduce digestive and skin problems are also available in Mexico city, such as the Mexican chocolate protein shake.

And likewise, low carbs snacks known for their power and effectiveness in preventing severe health conditions are readily available in the grand country. Mexico also boasts of soap operas, sports like soccer, among many other notable landmarks. Taking a visit to Mexico is worth it, especially for sun-seekers and food lovers.

And if you go on any other mission, ensure you sample-eat the below different foods before leaving the vast country. You can find these individual treaties from street food vendors, popular marketplaces, and many notable restaurants. Consider getting these Mexican nutritious dishes to know why the country always takes the lead worldwide as far as food is concerned.

1.  Mexico Street Elote

Grilled corn or corn kernels served in a cup isn’t a new thing. But this Mexico corn called Elote is delightedly unusual, and you’d find out the reason yourself as soon as you consume them. Local mostly boil traditionally and serve on a stick like ice cream. Apart from the fantastic taste of the corn itself, which you’ll enjoy, other abundant additions to the corn like salt, chili, powder, cheese, butter, etc., will satisfy your taste buds with an unforgettable heavenly taste. You can easily find an Elote’s vendor on nearly every street corner in Mexico.

2.  Quesadillas

Another food that is worth trying out on your visit to Mexico is the Quesadillas. Generally, quesadillas refer to a folded tortilla, made with corn or wheat tortillas, which has melted cheese carefully placed on the inside. There are many varieties of cheese used for making the Quesadillas, and the most commonly used cheese is the Oaxaca cheese, otherwise known as Quesillo.

The Quesillo cheese is a mild sharp cheese, similar to the Mozzarella. Apart from the inserted cheese, Quesadillas usually contain other fillings like mushrooms, squash blossoms, or other tasty vegetables. A common type of quesadillas you can easily find around in Mexico City is the huitlacoche Quesadillas made with a corn fungus. Don’t leave Mexico without trying out this treat; it will be a pleasure.

3.  Chiles En Nogada

Besides the sweet taste and flavor of the Chiles en Nogada, it’s also identified as a  patriotic food,  also recognized in Mexico’s history. Chiles en Nogada is a popular Mexican dish with picadillo (a combination of sliced fruits, meats, and spices), filling the Poblano Chiles, topped with Nogada, a walnut-based cream sauce typically stored at room temperature.

Locals also top the poblano chiles with pomegranate seeds(mostly red).  This food is in the three colors of the Mexican flag without sacrificing its satisfying taste.  The poblano chiles filled with the picadillo symbolizes the green color of the flag, the Nogada represents the white color. In contrast, the pomegranate seeds likewise express the red color of the Mexican flag.

The food originates from Puelsla, and history made us know that the treaty was first served to Don Augustin de Iturbide, a liberator and subsequent Emperor of Mexico. Therefore, food is known to be patriotic, tasty, and delicious. Taking it will make your visit to Mexico more worthwhile.

4.  Enchiladas

You’d find a wide variety of Enchiladas to choose from in Mexico. The enchiladas are made with a corn or flour tortilla and filled with many nutritious ingredients like meat, seafood, and vegetables. This special treat is mostly drizzled with the chili sauce and then topped with garnishes. Mexicans usually take the enchiladas as breakfast, but you’d undoubtedly find them anytime in Mexico.

5.  Churros

Churro is a special sweet treat with a deep-fried dough, sprinkled with sugar, making it more delicious and tastier. Notably, churros originated from Spain, but the Mexicans widely embrace it. There are no doubts you’d enjoy and embrace this food too. And if you want to enjoy them in a significant way, ensure you consume the fresh churros, as stale churros can be rubbery.


Mexico is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations for many excursionists as it attracts lots of tourists worldwide. The city has many notable landmarks such as the Monumento de la revolución, El Angel, Catedral Metropolitana, and the Torre Latinoamericana, which are worth exploring. But if you want to make your visit complete and memorable, try out the above-listed foods, and you’ll be grateful you did. Bon appétit.