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I’m Justine Montero and this is my personal travel blog or diary that gives a record of various Mexican travel experiences for those who want to travel to Mexico or those who are just interested about Mexico.

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Are you planning to visit Mexico soon? Then you are in the right place! Join me in my blog and get exclusive insider knowledge and advice! Everything you want to know before planning that vacation!

Mexico is a unique and fun top travel destination everyone should experience. I will be sharing here the amazing and interesting travel experiences I had when I was In Mexico and hope it’ll inspire you and make it your next travel destination.

Akumal Beach

Riviera Maya

Medano Beach

Cabo San Lucas

Playa del Amor

Cabo San Lucas

Balandra Beach

La Paz

Leave your worries behind and enjoy the tours

Mexico is home to beautiful sandy beaches, affordable standards of living and travel, a fascinating culture, and a rich history to explore. Read and learn from our vast Mexican travels and experiences to determine your next travel destination.

Even if you can’t travel to Mexico, our memorable experiences shared on this platform would make you feel as if you’ve already been there personally. Join us to share and live various Mexican travel experiences.

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Fonda Lola is to share unique Mexican travel experiences with our audience from across the world and inform their next travels or related decisions.