Good Mexican cuisine is much easier to make in your own home than you may think. I know it’s easy to just slap a burger on your plate and call it a meal because it’s easy, but you have no idea how easy it is to make Mexican food that’s also healthier than a greasy, fatty burger.

In my blog, I give you some insight into some of the best Mexican recipes I have ever put on my table. I have put a twist on the traditional taco, made a delicious soup, healthy sandwiches, and I provide them for all of you to try. I know that when you think Mexican, you think Taco Bell or really spicy foods, but it’s not. Mexican food can be very healthy for you if you cook it right and use the right ingredients like I do.

Not only do I discuss Mexican cuisine, I also give you a virtual tour of some of the most amazing places for a Mexican vacation. One of my favorite places is Copper Canyon. I know, it’s not as fun sounding as CanCun, but I promise you it’s on my list of top 6 places for a reason. I absolutely love everything about Mexico, and you will too once you explore more of my blog.