5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mexico

It’s not just about the white-sand beaches and the incredible cenotes; Mexico has got more to wow you than you’ve ever heard about. With a bite of this culture-loving country, you’d understand why more than a million tourists troop in annually to walk on her soil.

Want to join the queue? Here are more fascinating reasons you’d want to visit Mexico.

1. The Mellifluous Music

Music is life, and Mexico has got plenty of it. With countless genres to gladden listeners, the country’s traditional music, such as Mariachi, which is typically played at weddings, Banda, and Norteño, are all you need to enjoy life afresh.

Even from watching Mexican films in the nook of your home, you can easily deduce that music is an integral part of the country’s culture. The original sound is so endearing you just want to sing along even as a non-Mexican with zero clues of the lyrics.

If you’re looking to celebrate your love anniversary, appreciate life better, or enjoy good family time, the Mexican music would not fall short of a great accomplice.

2. Mexican Cuisine is Great

Mexico will continue to bask in festivities, not only because the people are a lover of great music but because there will always be a variety of Mexican cuisines to backup any occasion.

On the street of every city in Mexico is the famous hot tacos containing delicious pork or beef meat. This delicacy is reputable for successfully scaling through the country’s border making many Americans crave the Mexican snack.

Besides, Mexican restaurants have too many delicacies on their menu to excite a traveler. For example, for breakfast, go for the rich chilaquiles garnished with onions and covered with chicken, otherwise, egg, to satisfy your palate.  

Furthermore, give Pozole a try. But if you forget to, we’re sure that patriotic Mexican chefs would remind you of Chiles en nogada since the cuisine symbolizes the country’s flag.

3. Endowed with Rare Animals

You have a huge love for wildlife? Switch from seeing some of the rarest animals on Nat Geo Wild to the real world as you tour through Mexico’s aquatic region, and forests. The country’s ecosystem is habitat to some of the most distinctive animals ever to grace our planet.

Ever heard about the Vaquita porpoise, Leatherback sea turtle, Mexican gray wolf, Mexican ajolote salamander? These are all endangered species you can seize the rare opportunity of seeing in Mexico before they go extinct due to careless exploitation.

4. Indigenous Mexicans are Amiable

The hub of tourist attractions must have an air of friendliness for its visitors. San Miguel de Allende, a city in Mexico, proudly wears the badge of the friendliest place in the world, as her locals habitually welcome foreigners with greetings and smiles before presenting her traditional tacos and tequila to them.

Mexicans, whose larger than life disposition has earned them the title of the happiest people in the world, have made it a proud culture to welcome visitors, not only with open arms but with helping hands, too. They value interpersonal relationships hence build relationships with strangers so quickly. By rubbing minds with them, your perception about life may change for the better. 

As a traveler, don’t worry if you’re not so good in Spanish; the locals are more than willing to be your interpreter. So there are only more reasons to see the country.

5. Mexico City is Beautiful

The beauty and vibrant spirit that live in Mexico city lives nowhere else in the world, not even in New York City. The highly populated city boasts of qualities and features that’ll make a night in Mexico City worth more than years in Las Vegas. Moreover, a sight of her neighborhood is breathtaking due to the varieties of artwork.

To touch the soul of the city, Condesa and Roma are some of the neighborhoods you should walk around. The Pyramids of Teotihuacan carries so much history that you can relieve just by touring the site. You should also pay a visit to at least one out of the over 150 museums in this big city full of extraordinary work of art.

If Mexico isn’t worth visiting, then nowhere else in the world is. While going to the country, even if you’re staying for a day or week, get a home heating and cooling systems at https://www.homeheatingheroes.com/ or https://www.homeheatingheroes.com/ By so doing, you’ll be practicing one of the best tips to having a memorable vacation in Mexico.

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